Les Amis de la Terre au Japon commémorent les 5 ans de l’accident nucléaire de Fukushima, ce 11 mars 2016, en rappelant la catastrophe de Tchernobyl et en se joignant à tous ceux qui subissent les effets néfastes de cette énergie du passé.

Cinq années plus tard, la situation dans la région japonaise affectée est toujours critique : eau contaminée qui s’échappe du réacteur détruit et déchets radioactifs simplement entassés. Une centaine d’enfants ont été opérés suite au cancer de la thyroïde.

Malgré la situation dramatique, le gouvernement japonais envisage de relancer les réacteurs nucléaires, ignorant l’opinion publique opposée à cette option.

Découvrez ici la version anglaise du communiqué de Friends of the Earth Japan :


We the undersigned express our deep condolences to all nuclear victims : people affected by the “3.11” nuclear disaster at Fukushima in 2011, those who suffer from Chernobyl nuclear accident, nuclear plant workers, nuclear bomb victims, and all people of the world who are under any nuclear threat.

On the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in Japan, the situation is far from resolved. Contaminated water is still leaking from the destroyed plant, and radioactive waste is just piling up, without any sound resolution. More than 100 children have had surgery for thyroid cancer1. Housing assistance for “voluntary” evacuees will be suspended starting in March 2017, leaving them an uncertain future. Yet despite all these problems, the Japanese government is pushing hard to restart nuclear power plants, ignoring public opinion against restarting2.

In April 2015, FoE Japan and three people from Fukushima travelled to Belarus to meet victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. We were inspired that despite their political challenges, there is still hope among those who have been struggling for years to protect children from nuclear dangers. We were also strongly convinced that people must demand the necessary aid for nuclear disaster, and that governments protect people from nuclear threat. FoE Japan has been working with people from Fukushima and other people to ensure the rights of victims and to stop all the nuclear power plants. The situation is still hard, FoE Japan continue to work with them for the world free from nuclear threat.

We the undersigned denounce the Japanese government’s irresponsible actions of restarting nuclear power plants and its failure to provide sufficient aid for Fukushima disaster evacuees. We also demand following :

1. Stop all existing nuclear power plants and plans for new nuclear power plants.
2. Make an “energy shift” from dirty to sustainable energy.
3. Work toward a world free from all forms of nuclear threat.

Sources :
1. Fukushima Prefecture in Japan reported 166 cases of malignant or suspected thyroid cancer and 116 cases confirmed after surgery (February 15, 2016)
2. “60 percent of population is against restarting nuclear power, Nikkei poll finds” (The Nikkei, February 29, 2016)

List of Signatories
Overseas (43)
Antinuclear Society of Tatarstan (Russia), Anti_Atom_Plenum Köln (Germany), AntiAtom Freiburg (Germany), Antinuclear Australia, Beyond Nuclear Initiative (Australia), BUND Naturschütz(FoE Germany -Bavaria) , BUND (FoE Germany), BUNDjugend (FoE Germany-Youth), Bürgerinitiative für eine Welt ohne atomare Bedrohung (Germany), Doganin da Haklari Var (Turkey), Environmental Union Germany (Umweltgewerkschaft), FoE Canada, Food Irradiation Watch (Australia), Footprints for Peace (Australia), Friends of the Earth Adelaide, Friends of the Earth Australia, Friends of the Earth Brisbane Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (Australia), JAN UK, Kick Nuclear (UK) Mersin Tabip Odasi (Mersin Doctors’ Association) (Turkey), NOAH(Friends of the Earth Denmark), Nuclear Alla Turca Documentary Team (Turkey), Nuclear Free Queensland (Australia), Nukleersiz.org (Datsugenpatsu) (Turkey) OEKONEWS (Austria), Polski Klub Ekologiczny (FoE Poland), Pro Natura(FoE Switzerland), Public Association "Ecohome" (Belarus), Russian Social-Ecological Union(FoE Russia), Safe and Green Campaign (USA), Sinop Antinuclear Plaform (Turkey), Vermont Citizens Action Network (USA), Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance (USA), World Information Service on Energy, WISE International (Netherland), Yesil Dusunce Dernegi (Green Thought Association) (Turkey), Zelena akcija (Friends of the Earth Croatia), Belarus Antinuclear Campaign (Belarus), Friends of the Earth International, Citizen Power, Inc., Nuclear Energy Information Service of Chicago, Nuclear Watch South in Atlanta, Gerogia, Young Friends of the Earth, Clean Water Alliance (USA),

Japanese Groups (32)
311 Yui Net Kyotanabe, 350.org Japan, A SEED JAPAN, ATTAC Kyoto, Chernobyl Health Survey and Healthcare Support for the Victims – Japan Women’S Network, Citizen’s against Fukushima Aging Nuclear Power Plants, Citizen’s Eyes on Nuclear Regulation, Citizes Environmental Foundation, Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Emergency Action Network, Good Bye Nukes Amagasaki, Good Bye Nukes Genkai, Hanatoherbnosato, Japan Consumers Alliance Kansai Group, Japan Solar Energy Education Association, Kagoshima Group thinking of Medical radiation, Kyoto Citizens against Nuclear Weapons & Nuclear Power Plants, Mekong Watch, No Nukes Machida, No Nukes ! Noniyuku-kai, Nuclear Phase-out TEPCO Shareholder’s Movement, Nurses Group at Handai who want to stop radiation from Fukushima NPP, Oiso Ene-Shift,Renewable-Hydrogen Network, Seventh Star, Shareholders’ Litigation against TEPCO, Shinagawa’s women who consider a nuclear power plant, Stop Nukes and Reprocessing Opinion Ads group, Study Group of Global Jastice in Kyoto, Tadasunomori ECO Research, Theoria, tokyo seikatsusha network, Wind of Citizens toward Uniting for Peace

75 Groups from 15 Countries (as of 2016/3/11 9am JST)
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